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Meet Game Designer: Lena Mech

Lena Mech

I am finding and creating ways to show people that the world is a wonderful place.

My job title?

Chief Wonderer :D I have my own company so I game myself this title. If it has to be a more traditional title, I would call myself Creative Director.

What is your typical "day in the life of a designer"?

I start my day with a morning ritual of meditation and yoga which starts off my day. I never skip this activity, especially not during work days. It clears my mind and centers my body which means that I can perform at my best afterwards.

I try to have around 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted creative work before lunch. At this point, I don't open my email, nor social media so I don't get distracted. Having even 2-3 hours of creative work per day allows me to move my projects forward in a steady way. After lunch I do administrative work and things that don't require as much energy like research or planning.

I also have a dog that I take to work with me which ensures that I get enough breaks in the fresh air throughout the day.

Design principles you live by?

1. Humans make decisions from emotions - as a designer I can use this for my work.

2. Humans make decisions from emotions - as a designer I cannot abuse this.

3. Always talk to the end user.

4. Testing and iteration is key.

5. Don't forget to have fun!

What problem can't you stop thinking about?

Creating humane tech solutions - the ones that doesn't exploit and manipulate us, that make us happy instead of anxious and that bring humanity together instead of divide us.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

It wasn't an advice per se, but a quote I truly love.

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday - unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” Dr. Sukhraj Dhillon

When is "Design done wrong"?

There are many different ways to define bad design... For me the worst design is the one that exploits and manipulates us, as f.e. the slot machine effect in social media scrolls and match-3 games, batching likes and constant notifications.

It is not that hard to create addictive machines out of apps and services, but do we really want to build this type of world for ourselves and our children?

What skill do you wish you picked up really early on?

The practice of testing and iteration.

Design tools you can’t live without? (Physical and/or digital)

Paper and pen has always been the number one tool for me as it is so versatile and you can always access it.

Apart from that I love Miro boards for collaboration

Trello for managing my tasks.

What’s in your bag?

My phone, headphones (I can't bike without listening to a podcast)

purse and a mint lip balm.

Books you highly recommend for anyone pursuing a career in design?

Play Matters by Miguel Sicart

Critical Play: Radical Game Design by Mary Flanagan

Designers you admire and we should talk to!

Tim Garbos: He is Creative Director at Triband. His creativity and persistance has been a great inspiration for me.

Where and What did you study?

MSc in Game Design

IT University, Denmark

More about me here.


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