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Welcome to Design Scramble!

Design Scramble is an art, design and creativity blog, where we collect and share artefacts curated from the world of design for you. The core of DS is the dissemination of wisdom and knowledge from amazing designers and creatives that we have met, worked and hung out with over our design journey.

Here we curate thoughts, advice, tips and notes from design and creative professionals from a myriad of industries. 

"I (Roberta) am an italian designer currently living in the heart of Denmark. I have a background in Visual Design and I grew up across the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. I’ve had my own company in Verona, Italy, I’ve worked in the Corporate Communication and Knowledge Department at the European Space Agency’s ESTEC centre, based in Noordwijk, the Netherlands and I've worked hands-on as well as overseeing teams at the LEGO Agency, the in-house advertising agency of the toy company LEGO®, based in Billund, Denmark.

I'm currently working at the LEGO Foundation, the non-profit part of the organisation that aims to build a future in which learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners - creating engaging and meaningful learning-through-play experiences with and without LEGO bricks.

When I’m not busy behind a computer screen I love illustrating smiling creatures, playing the piano and the guitar, solving puzzle videogames, seeing new places and sculpting ceramic clay."

"I (Sid) have a background in Product Design and Interaction Design, having done my Bachelors in India and then subsequently completed a Masters in Denmark. Over the years I have worked on designing Kindergartens and furniture at The Green School (Bali, Indonesia), graphic design for various firms in India, experience and play design at LEGO, Robotics for education at LEGO Education, food and cooking apps as an entrepreneur and video games, which won toy of the year in 2015, among other things.

As we grow and develop Design Scramble we'll keep adding sections and features, like a Design Travel section, where we share travel guides built around exploring cities and countries through a design lens."

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