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Meet Concept Artist: Ian Sta.Maria

Ian Sta.Maria

I draw stories.

My job title?

Senior concept artist

What is your typical "day in the life of a designer" ?

Coffee, story telling, drawing, more story telling.

Design principles you live by?

1. Start your day with "what if?"

2. Collect mentors.

3. Always draw... when you're sad, happy, angry... etc.

4. perseverance always beats talent

5. Be kind.

What problem can't you stop thinking about?

"How to make everyone's life easier."

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

"Draw your own stories. Otherwise someone else will hire you to draw theirs."

When is "Design done wrong"?

When I can't decipher it (but that also maybe my own problem!).

What skill do you wish you picked up really early on?

I wish I knew how to present myself better to clients then.

Design tools you can’t live without? (Physical and/or digital)

Ballpoint pen and paper. And my ipad.

What’s in your bag?

Ballpoint pen, sketch books, ipad, chargers, gummi bears.

Books you highly recommend for anyone pursuing a career in design?

All art books.

Two Designer friends you admire and we should talk to!

Where and What did you study?

Visual communication

University of the Philippines, Philippines

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