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5 amazing artists to discover this month!

Yes, I know very well how that feels. Scrolling down an Instagram feed and being overwhelmed by the feeling that there are WAY too many amazing artists already out there. And that my very own art does not live up to some (ever raising) bar, and it never will.

But I found out that becoming better, rather than the best, is a much more achievable goal, and one worth pursuing.

Hence, here are 5 amazing designers and artists that have inspired me to become better this month:

1) Karabo Poppy Moletsane

[South Africa]

Bold, iconic, true to her roots - the fantastic style of Karabo Poppy deeply inspires and has me thinking, "what elements of my own culture can I bring into my work?"

2) Christoph Niemann


Arguably one of the most brilliant minds of contemporary design, he never ceases to amaze me with his way of "seeing things inside of other things". His illustrations are vibrant and highly creative in bringing everyday objects a unique perspective!

3) Ellie vs Bear


Some illustrations really make me wish I could step right into the paper, and sit right next to the friendly characters depicted in them. And that's just the case with the cute and magical worlds of Ellie vs Bear! Incredibly cute characters set in beautiful atmospheric worlds!

4) Manooni


Soft, unique and wonderful - I’m in love with the wool sculptures by fiber artists sisters Olha and Hanna.

You can also support their work in this extremely difficult time on Patreon:

5) Zoe Si


Hilarious and sharp - recently Pulitzer nominated cartoonist Zoe Si is one of my ultimate favourites and source of inspiration both because of her style and for her carrier journey (she practiced law for a number of years before turning into a full time cartoonist).



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